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Message of Kaan Tuna - General Director

Dear our friends,

We call our clients as friends since 1975. When companies come together, it is not only about exchange of goods, services and resources, it is also about supporting each other, walk in the same path and grow together.

This is why we see and call everybody who joins our journey as "friends"

We hope to do our best to support you with our famous machines, treat you with our best, walk with you in your struggle of success and be with you together in the future.

Welcome to TUNATEK World.

Kaan Tuna - Partner

General Director - TUNATEK

Regional Agencies

Tunatek Asia - Exclusive
Ms. Austin Wang
Tunatek Arabic - MENA
Mr. Shadi Al Mohammad
+90 536 576 4320

Turn Key Factory Projects

Anahtar Teslim Panel Çit Fabrikası Nasıl Kurulur?

How to Set Turn Key Welded Wire Fence Mesh Factory?

Comment définir l'usine de maille de clôture clé en main?

Anahtar Teslim Kafes Tel Örgü Fabrikası Nasıl Kurulur?

How to Set Turn Key Chain Link Fence Factory?

Comment définir l'usine de grillage clé en main?

Anahtar Teslim Çelik Hasır Fabrikası Nasıl Kurulur?

How to Set Turn Key Welded Wire Mesh Factory?

Comment régler l'usine de treillis soudé clé en main?


Çelik Hasır Punta Kaynak Makinası​

Welded Wire Mesh Machine 

(BRC) - Construction

Machine Trellis Soudée 

Tel Çekme Nervürleme Doğrultma ve Kesme Makinası

Wire Drawing Ribbing Straightening and Cutting Mach.

Tréfilage à nervures Redressage et coupe Machine

Tel Çekme


Wire Drawing


Machine de


Tel Doğrultma ve Kesme Makinaları

Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines

Machines à redresser et à couper les fils

Panel Çit Punta Kaynak Makinaları

Fence Welding 


Soudure de clôture Machines

Kafes Tel Örgü


Chainlink Fence


Grillage Machines